Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weight Watchers Again

A while back I posted that I was starting Weight Watchers. Well I did it for about a week, and not whole heartedly, and then I kind of quit. So, we're back there again and this time it's going really good because everyone at work is doing it as well. So, the encouragement is there and no one is eating bad office sweets in front of you! It's nice. I started yesturday for real. Everyone else started a couple of weeks ago, but I still had a kitchen full of bad foods that I had to get rid of before I could go shopping for good foods.

So, I started yesturday. Yesturday went ok, but not great. I did great during the day but last night I didn't do so great, we went to the in-law's and they made hamburgers and french fries and I caved. Not the best way to get started, but I get 35 flex (or extra) points a week, so I am using those for that meal. Today, I've done SO well, and I'm really impressed that I made it through an entire day without giving in and having a cookie or peice of chocolate or something else that is bad for me. I had a really bad day and I was craving something sweet, greasy or salty, but I did good and did not give in! I am a HUGE emotional eater, so this is a great feat for me!

Part of Weight Watchers is writing down EVERYTHING that you eat and accounting for your points! The number of points you get depends on your weight and as your weight decreases, so does your points. I am allowed 30 points per day. Everyone is allowed 35 flex or "extra" points PER WEEK. You can divide those however you choose. I have decided in addition to writing everything down in my food journal, that I would also blog about what I have eaten, in order to hold myself more accountable.

So, today I had:
No breakfast (just forgot)
11:00am Lunch:
Lean Cuisine Pizza 6pts
Sugar Free Pudding 1pt
Fruit mixture 1pt

Pickle 0pts
Apple 1pt

5:00 Early dinner/Snack
Sweet & Sour Lean Cuisine 6pts
String Cheese 1pt

7:00 Dinner
Grilled Chkn Breast 5pts
Salad 0pts
Salad toppings 1 1/4 tablespoon 1pt
2% cheese 1pt
Baby Carrots 0pts
Total: 23 points!

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JoAnna said...

23 points?? You rock! My diet has just changed drastically as well. I am now gluten free... no wheat, oats, rye or barley. I know how hard it is to be staunch and not give in... go Brandy!!