Monday, April 02, 2012

Art Show!

So much for taking more pictures and blogging more, ha!

A couple weeks ago Jordan's class did an art show to show off some of their work from this year--I was thrilled to be able to go--so were Grandma and daddy!

Its been so nice having Jordan at my school this year and she has really done great. I just registered her for kindergarten and that seems impossible, but she is growing up!

Here are some pics from the art show--pretty neat!

Jordan LOVES art, its like her favorite thing in all the world!

symmetry art

blow art

I think this was a "wocket in my pocket" (Dr. Suess)

still life

tear art

this is my favorite one.

Jordan took this picture of her friend Madison :)

silly goose!

Jordan & Ms. Christy

Jordan and Mrs. Ridout

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the Pulleys said...

Way to go Jordan! What a neat thing to share w/ Mom & Dad...I bet she was SO proud.