Monday, May 09, 2011

More P365 :-)

I was home sick today with some stomach bug that hit me last night at around 1am....and continued on through most of today....I wasn't at work, but I had to be in between being sick I was catching up on "the project."  I literally almost quit this week. 

When I have had a day or two when I hadn't snapped a picture, I usually just found one from around the same time and tried to "fill in."  So today when I sat down and realized I had missed a day or two...I decided for some of those I could use them for extra that will help me not feel so stressed about when I miss a day.  I'll prob still fill in some days but for the most part I am following the rules and taking a photo each day.... :)

Here is a big fat catch up post....

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mustard seed said...

love your 365 pics!