Friday, March 18, 2011

Bike Rides!

We LOVE to go for bike rides!! We love the bike trail in a neighboring town, but sometimes we just take a stroll around our neighborhood when the weather is nice.

A couple of weeks ago (around the end of Feb) we had a gorgeous day and so we headed out and took a nice ride! The kids really enjoy it and the bike trailer is handy to have Hayden ride in, we're so happy we bought it and have definetely gotten our money out of that thing!!

I took these with my handy dandy olympus tough--I wasn't afraid to take it on the bike ride because its basically indestructible! :)

she would ride bikes all day everyday if we let her!

baby bieber ;)




look mom, no hands!

the sun was BRIGHT!

we look old!

I love my family!


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