Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mostly Hayden..

So I'm five days in on my Project365.  There are definite benefits as well as drawbacks to taking "a picture a day."  Obviously, it would be almost impossible for me to take only ONE picture each day, so I end up taking hopes of finding one I'd like to be my POD (photo of the day)....and so its only the 6th of January and I already have a folder full of pictures!  This is a benefit and a drawback, ha!  Its good that I have those pictures...but it makes deciding harder!!

But it does give me extra blogging material, ha!  Anyway, its going well...and I'm enjoying it.  I know that I'll grow tired of it, but I also know I'll be so glad I did it in the end!

So in the midst of trying to get some PODs, I've taken lots of other cute I thought I'd post a few...for whatever reason, most of these are of Hayden--just him playing around...and some of him and Jordan playing.  I love to watch/listen to them play.  Its my favorite.

he loves this table, great investment!

even tho sometimes he climbs up on it...

and then smiles about it because he knows he shouldn't be doing that...

sometimes he really doesn't want me taking his picture

and he tells me to STOP as he waves his finger..which only makes me want to take it more!

the kid is a WHIZ on my ipod. He loves that thing and can do all sorts of stuff with it....his favorite game right now is a memory game...that he goes to and opens and starts and plays all on his can keep him busy for a while!

love his face!

OH, this is him saying "nanny nanny boo boo" to Jordan...its SOO funny!!!

loves to read and loves his Mickey!

sweet Hayden laughs...Jordan snapped this...I'm going to start giving her the camera more!

he is obsessed with balls

playing catch!

love these kiddos.
We're almost to Friday, we can do it!!

Be Blessed,

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