Monday, January 03, 2011

Jordan--what she's up to!

Jordan turned fourteen four in October.  She has all the sass of a 14 year old though.  I don't know what we'll do with her when she is a teenager. I'm praying that we're doing the right things as we raise her!

She is a joy though...she is such a little person.  She has her own opinions, thoughts and ideas.  She has a lot of me in her, and though her independence and strong will makes it hard on her parents sometimes, I know these qualities, if fostered correctly will serve her in a mighty way one day. 

She has a very loving, giving and thankful heart.  I love watching her think of others, and be thankful for even small things.  On one of our recent "girls nights" she thanked me for buying her dinner, and said she "appreciated" it.  She uses big words a lot and her vocabulary is growing!

She loves to write and practices her letters and numbers daily, all on her own.  She almost always has a notebook and pencil with her at all times.  She is sounding out words and she can figure several words out just by sounding them out--shes one smart cookie!

She loves to "mother" Hayden and I hear her saying things like "no sir, you may not...." to him all the time.  I also catch her calling him "Son" the way BJ and I do sometimes.

She cares ALOT about what she wears and how she fixes her hair!  For a while now she has wanted her hair down all the time with a headband (the kind with the pretty flowers and embellishments) she hasn't worn a pony tail or a bow in a while.  She loves to get herself dressed every day and she choses some iteresting combinations :)  Even when its hard, I try to let her decide on her own what to wear and be okay with what she chooses :).

She loves to sing and asked Santa to bring her a REAL microphone for Christmas, and he did--she has been putting on shows every day since! 

She loves babydolls, dress up, and playing with her dollhouse. But she isn't afraid to get dirty outside or play with Haydens trucks and trains. 

Currently she is really into creating things, arts and crafts.  We have done many crafts recently and she's at a really good age for this!! She's also really into playing board games and we've done a lot of that lately.  I love that she's getting big enough to do these things!!

Sometimes when I tell her she is getting too big she will tell me "dont worry mom, I'll always be your baby."  She's so sweet.  She amuses me and lets me take her picture all I want, which is a lot! :)

She loves having "girls days/nights" with me and we usually just go window shopping and eat dinner.  Lately we went to see a movie and we had a great time.  She is such a joy to be around!!

She is not in gymnastics anymore, she was getting bored and wasn't really learning many new things, so we decided to stop for now and we'll probably start again later, maybe with private lessons.  She will play soccer this Spring and that would have conflicted so we figured we'd just take a break for a while.   We're exctied about her playing soccer and she is too!!  (although I'm not sure how we will keep Hayden off the field, ha!)

She loves her grandma and during our Christmas break she has really missed being with her--I foresee at least once a week grandma days this summer!

We are planning for her to attend 1 year of preschool begining this Fall.  I'm excited and nervous about this all at the same time!! We're hopeful she will get to attend kindergarten at my school--and that will make this mama very happy!

We love you Jordan, you make us SO proud!!

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