Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hayden--what he's up to!

It occurred to me that I haven't done a "what the kids are doing right now" post in a while so I thought now was a good time!!

The kids turned 2 and 4 in October--and I have to say, having them two years apart (almost to the day) was very scary to me at first (when I had a 2 year old and a newborn) but now...its really nice that they are close and can play with each other so well (for the most part!).

J has always been a little mama and really watches out for H! Its sweet! I hope they always have a great relationship.

Okay so we'll do Hayden first--

He is talking a BUNCH more!! By my best estimate, he's about 8-10 months behind where Jordan was in this area, but he is quickly catching up and I think by the time he is 3 his speech will be clear to most peope he comes in contact with.  He says more things than I can probably list, but I'm going to list some of my favorites that I can think of right now--

Thank You
I do it
Here I am
I get it
out back
Jordan (sounds more like Nornan)
Grandma (sounds more like Nanaw)
Grandpa (sounds like Papaw)
Granddad (sounds like dada)
D (grandma D)
Amy (sounds like Ame (grandma Amy)
Mag Mag (Maggie)
Choo Choo
Drink (nink)
Night Night
Bye Bye
and my favorite--I LOVE YOU

He will attempt most things if you ask him to say something---hes gotten much better about saying the rest of words, but there are several words that he will only say the begining of still, but this is improving on its own and I feel confident his speech will be fine! So thankful for this!!

He is a very active little boy--he LOVES to play with his balls, his new train table, and the kitchen.  He also loves to go bye bye and be outside! He has a little scooter that he rides in the driveway and he loves that! 

He loves to play monsters with Daddy and Jordan, and he LOVES to hide!! Although he usually gives himself away before anyone can look for him :)

My most favorite thing about him though and the thing that is most different from Jordan is that he is SOO affectionate.  He LOVES to give hugs, put his arms around your neck, pull you close and kiss you--he loves love loves to give lovins.  It is so sweet and I love it! Jordan was affetionate but never as much as he is. 

He is still very much a Mamas boy and grandma's boy--but he also loves his daddy and grandpa, he loves to play rough with them! I can see lots of boy things in their future!

He can count to three...and its so cute!! He's been singing his ABC's lately and he does pretty good with them! He loves to sing and dance too.  He loves to tell Jordan to STOP really loudly or to QUIT, its really funny.  He will point his finger and say "NO NO NO." he always says it three times, he is so funny!

He loves to write or draw...he says "i write" and "i draw," its really cute!  He wants to do most things Jordan does--

He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and says "Mouw Mouw" when he is referring to him--he loves that Mouse and we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse frequently!

Whenever you tell him something, he says "OH" in a really cute way, its really sweet.  He also says "uh-ho" in a really cute way :)

Hayden, you are such a sweet boy and we are so thankful for you!!

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