Monday, August 09, 2010

Swimming & other summer stuff :)

We have been swimming a lot!! I fell in love with Jessicas little water proof camera she brought to one of our swim play dates and I just HAD to have one...and I am so happy with it! Its just a little point n shoot and it goes underwater so that is nice!! I have taken pictures of lots of non-water related activities as well when I probably would not have had my big camera with me, so I'm really happy to have a small purse size camera that is so versitle! 

I just LOVE these underwater shots of Jordan!!! My kids are such little fish!

Jordan took this picture of me and BJ!!

Jordan misses these girls so much, we've gotten to see them a lot lately and J loves it!!!

Hayden looks GROWN to me in this picture!! I can hardly stand it!!!

I snapped these pictures of H and his mema's house and I just love them!  He is growing up so fast!

When we planted our garden, Jordan got to plant some sunflowers--some really BIG sunflowers!!!!

And the other day we got a cucumber that was shaped like a "J"

And for some REALLY exciting news!!! Jordan gets to SQUARE DANCE this year!!!  Im beyond excited!! I thought we'd have to wait till next year, but we found a group and she can dance since she is almost 4! I am sooo excited!! Can't wait to post pictures of their little outfits, but for now, here's some practice pictures! We have a really great group!!!

And now just some random-ness :)

Jordan got to help feed the baby calf at my mom's house!

Whew! I feel a little more caught up now! I hope everyone is doing great!!!

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Amanda said...

Wow, your kids are growing up! I loved all the pictures!