Friday, July 16, 2010

The Drive-IN!

I personally think its REALLY neat that we have a drive-in movie theatre in our town! I LOVE going to the drive in.  We haven't been since we had Hayden, I don't think...but a few weeks ago we decided to give it a try....Toy Story 3 was playing :)  The kids did great and H made it almost all the way through without falling alseep, ha!  Can't wait till they are a little older and we can go more often!

These were taken with J's little camera--she loves it!


Kim said...

We love the drive in! It is so much easier to go there then to the regular theater.

Suz said...

How fun! We were just talking about how fun it would be to go to the drive in!! Love your blog design! :) Green is your color!

the Pulleys said...

We just did this a few weeks ago as well and had a blast! We couldn't pass up TS3 @ the Drive-In either! : ) Glad you guys had so much fun as well!