Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, I was wrong. Dead wrong. Not only were we not done with snow, but we just got our biggest snowfall of the ‘winter.’ It’s technically Spring and the beginning of Spring Break for most of our area schools….so go figure!

this is haydens jeep...!

this is the 4 wheeler!!

for real, "snowed under!"

These poor birds were looking for a dry place!!

I took this picture a couple hours ago, and it’s been snowing hard since then. When it’s all said and done, I’m betting we have around 14 inches! CRAZINESS!!! Never seen that much snow here!

Unfortunately, the kids are sick—and can’t go outside to play!! Makes me so sad!! J and H have the flu!! Jordan got it really bad and H just barely started to get it before we started his Tamiflu, so that was good. But J got really sick before we knew she had it, but she’s been on meds for a couple days now and you can really see that she feels a lot better. H was really only sick 1 day before we started his meds, so he got better fast. Today is the first day J hasn’t fun a fever and she’s almost back to her old self!

But I’m not risking letting her go outside, poor girl!

So we’ve been pretty much couped up in the house!

But last week we did go to our friend, Olivia’s first birthday party!!

Jordan LOVES her some baby Olivia! She literally adores this child!! It’s quite funny!!

They had fun playing!!

So we are just hanging out inside the warm house—watching the snow come down!

By the way, on Friday, it was about 70 degrees and on Thursday, about 65. On Thursday, Jordan and I took our bikes down to the park and rode them around the “track.” We had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to more of those kinds of days and less of these wet snowy ones!!! Weather around here is just plain craaazy!!

Have a good SPRING BREAK!!!!

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