Friday, January 08, 2010

The New far!

Well, in the past week, we've had a couple of family outings...neither of which I remembered the camera for.  I was SO mad at myself!!

On Sunday afternoon we took our kids and the cousins, Elizabeth and Brandon to Fun City.  They  had so much fun.  It's a great place because they have play equipment, it's free to get in and Hayden can play too!!  Everyone had a good time!!

Tonight we went bowling with the kids and the cousins and BJ's brother and sister in law.  It was fun, but again, no pictures, because I forgot my camera!  I also straightened Jordan's hair tonight and it looked SOOO cute!!  I wish I had a picture.  It is really long right now!

We've been getting some "winter weather" lately and BJ has only gone to school a couple of days since the Christmas break has been over.  I think the weather is done for a least I hope!  I'm ready to get back to our regular schedule! 

Because it's almost impossible for me to post without's a few of Jordan eating one of the cupcakes she helped me bake a couple of weeks ago.  She was being really silly because I was taking her picture! 

This one cracks me up!!!  She looks like she was enjoying it, fully!!

Love that girl!

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The Treeces said...

Oh, we do have the same post. How cute!