Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch-ish

A couple weekends ago (or maybe last weekend, I don't even remember) we had planned to go to the pumpkin patch out in Tontitown after church.  But Hayden was really fussy because he didn't get his nap (his nap time is right in the middle of church), and he wouldn't sleep for us, he does not sleep well away from his bed...he's like his mama!

So instead of going all the way out there while he was tired and fussy, we opted for this smaller, "patch" that a church had set was cute and we got pumpkins.  Hayden did fall asleep for 15 minutes in the car, and he was sleeping while we were looking at pumpkins.  We were only a few feet away from the car, so we could see and hear him, so no worries!

Anyway, Jordan had the absolute BEST time picking out pumpkins.  She would have taken them all home if I had let her!  I love expeiencing things through her eyes.  Everything is just SO exciting!

They gave us these stickers when we bought our pumpkins...and J had a great time decorating her pumpkins.  She did these all on her own! Pretty good for a 3 year old!

I love Fall!!!


Lori S said...

I am not kidding, she is one of the cutest kids there ever was.

Jessica said...

Lover her bow!

Staci said...

Great pictures!! She gets prettier and prettier!

The Keylors said...

Cute pics!