Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grape Festival!!!

We headed out to the 111th Tontitown Grape Festival Friday night!! We hadn't been in years, and we've never taken Jordan. To say she was excited about going to the festival, is an understatement! I can't wait for the Fair in a few weeks! Hayden did great and strolled like a pro, like always....I'm so thankful he strolls well...Jordan NEVER did...she HATED to stroll.

Other than that, we haven't done much lately, been staying home a lot. BJ's summer offically ended last week. He went back to school (work) on Monday, and his kids returned on Thursday. His school is on a continuous calendar (sometimes referred to as a year-round calendar, although that is not accurate) and so he goes back a little earlier than the rest of the schools in our area.

He starts back to his school in a few weeks too, and it taking the biggest load in his college career history. This will be his last year as a teacher's aide. Next year he will sub while he goes to school all day during the day at least 2 days a week. And the following year he will student teach. I'm getting excited and nervous about all of this happening!

I'm really starting to settle into my new job. I went on a retreat with my new co-workers (and other CASA programs from around the State) at Mt. Magazine...I had never been there, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! But OF COURSE, genious photographer here, didn't take her camera.

Yah, I know I'm an idiot, it's okay.

But you can bet I'm gonna go back!!! We stayed at the Lodge and it was GORGEOUS! I really loved it. We had private rooms and my room had a balcony/deck and it was so nice to sit out there. But the new job is going really well and each day I am learning more and getting more comfortable with my new duties.

Hayden is walking everywhere. He doesn't prefer to crawl anymore!! He will walk till he falls, usually about 15-20 steps, then stand backup and walk the rest of the way, or until he falls again. But he always gets back up and almost never crawls. I can't believe it. I love it on one hand, but makes me sad on another!

Alright, I'm gonna stop talking now. Here are some pictures from the Festival!

awwwwwww, they are so sweet!!

That line of people behind BJ was the line for the spaghetti....and that was waaaaaaaaay far away from the door.....needless to say we DID NOT get spaghetti!

We DID however, have grape ice cream.....which I did not care for, ha!

(seriously, I DID NOT edit his eyes in this picture!!!)

aren't we cute?!


The Treeces said...

AWW! How fun! Glad that you are liking you new job!

Jessica said...

Jordan's legs are a MILE long when she is jumping at the festival!!

Casey said...

Thank you so much for blogging!!! I've been patiently waiting...I can't believe Hayden's eyes in that pic...R u sure you didn't edit that??? Love you!

Suzette said...

SO fun... wow his eyes are so blue!