Friday, August 21, 2009

5 years!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary!! I can't even believe that we have been married for FIVE years. I know five years doesn't seem like a very long time to some people, but I feel like it is our first "big" anniversary!

Six years ago I would not have imagined that my life would be like it is right now....and I'm glad! It's so much better than I could have imagined!!!

I have posted these pictures before here and there, but I felt like they deserved to be re-posted. And after hunting for recent pictures of BJ and I, I have vowed to take at least ONE picture a month of the two of us from here on out!! (we'll see how I do! ha!)

This is when we were dating/engaged. There wasn't a lot of our dating time that we weren't engaged....we got engaged 3 months after we started dating.

I think this might have been a Valentines picture? Not sure, but we were headed out on a date and my mom snapped it!

BCM banquet on campus

And our wedding day!! This picture was taken just moments after our ceremony, we were waiting in the nursery for our guests to make their way to the reception.

The kiss!

The infamous rose petals....

Our cake!

The begining of our little family...

BJ and I last year (I was VERY pregnant with Hayden)

And our family great!!!

Happy Anniversary Baby!! I can't imagine my life with anyone else!!


Nancy M. said...

Love the pictures! Happy Anniversary!!!

The Keylors said...

It's so fun to look at the road you have traveled.: ) What a beautiful family!

Suzette said...

Oh how sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Christy said...

Five years, congratulations! Happy anniversary!

Staci said...

Happy Anniversary! Today is my sister's anniversary too!

Must have been a great day for love :)

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

Happy Anniversary! August is the best month to get married in :)

ashleydiggs said...

Happy Anniversary! I hate to admit this but I don't even REMEMBER your cake! DId I not eat any?!?