Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer is here!!!

I'm SOOO excited that the warm weather is here to stay!! We've enjoyed a weekend FULL of outdoor time and it was great!! Now, I just can't wait for my vacation to enjoy it even more!

I've been really slacking on taking photos so I am trying hard to step it up!!

Look at Mr. Hayden, isn't he just so cute! I am loving this stage for him, he is SO precious and SO loving!!! He crawls over to me and pulls up on my leg for me to hold him and it just melts my heart!!

Eating a cracker!

We had our friend Claudia and her daughter Jaycee here for the weekend and we had a blast!! Jordan and Jaycee had fun splashing around in this little pool!! We got the big pool up last night and can't wait to try it out this year!

I tried to sell this little kitchen in the yard sale and it didn't sell, so I think it's gonna be an outside toy, (she has a nicer one inside) she likes it already!

Silly girl!

Beautiful Jaycee

Mr. H chillaxing, waiting for mama to get HIS pool ready!!


He wants to stand up all the time!! He tries to stand from a sitting position, without holding on to anything most of the time. I think he's finally figuring out that it is easier if he hangs on to something! ha!

He'll be walking before we know it!! ahhhh!!

Here is a video of Jordan fishing....


Kim said...

What cuties!! We are loving the summer sunshine!!

Jessica said...

The age difference in our boys is getting more and more evident- Hayden is on the move!!! : ) I'm watching him to see what is around the corner for my "H"! : ) I couldn't have planned our babies any better. Ha, ha!

Adan Dominguez said...

Hayden definately looks like you now.