Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I hope everyone is enjoying this CRAZY hot summer. Is anyone else wondering how we are going to survive July and August if we are already dying in June?! Craziness I tell you!

I am having a BLAST of a time off work. The stress relief is enormous and just knowing I'm not going back to that job, makes my time off even sweeter. I am excited to start my new job, but am really loving being at home. I have a couple more weeks left and I'm taking full advantage.

We haven't done much but stay home and work around the house and swim in the pool. We're going to the zoo this Friday, but other than that don't have many plans.

BJ starts his second summer class tomorrow, this one is a live class, so he actually has to drive in for it. Most of his classes are online, so we get used to him being at home! He enjoys live classes though, so this will be good for him!

These photos are just a bunch I cleared off the camera and some I took today...no real reason, just know I needed to blog!

They play pretty good together...she can really get him laughing when she wants to!

He is getting so BIG. He turned 8 months last week and I can hardly believe that he'll be a year before we know it! I am much more emotional this time around, I think because I know he is our last.

He pulls up on anything and everything. He will stand unassisted for several seconds and has taken one step here and there, but he doesn't realize he is doing it.

This little girl is gonna be 3 soon and that just blows my mind. She gets sweeter every day.

She is really gorgeous, and yes, I know I'm biased.

She has recently really taken an interest in "homework." So I bought her some preschool books and she has been working in them. She is so cute and funny. I can't decide if she is going to be right or left handed. She doesn't really have a strong preference to one yet, she uses both still. I think she might go with her left more than her right though. Should be interesting. We are not pushing her in either direction. Just waiting to see what happens. OH and isn't this desk the cutest?! I was just talking about getting her one with BJ's grandparents picked this one up for her, it's precious and perfect for her size!

We got new carpet in the bedrooms last week. We had some damage in J's room and a little in Hayden's from where our air conditioner leaked. So insurance paid for their rooms and we had ours done at the same time. Here is the carpet before......in Jordan's room.

and after...I think it turned out really well. I can't wait to get the laminate hardwood put in the rest of the house this Fall!! I really love the new carpet. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that BJ accidentally spilled about 1/2 a gallon of chocolate brown paint on the new carpet in our bedroom. It was an accident. He was using a drop cloth and he was being careful, but he tripped and knocked it over and off the cloth. He feels bad...I gave him heck over it, but what can ya do?! We had it cleaned yesturday and a LOT of it came up, but no all of it. They are coming back tomorrow to see if they can get any more of it up. If not, we have extra carpet and we'll have it plugged.

I need to get some pictures of the kids playing in the pool. Hayden LOVES the water. Any water, he cries to get into the bathtub sometimes....the boy loves the water! Jordan has always loved the water too, I'm really glad they aren't afraid of it!
So coming soon will be zoo pics and pool pics!!
Stay cool and enjoy some fireworks this weekend!

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Jessica said...

Have fun at the zoo tomorrow! I'll see you on Monday for our playdate. : )