Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hey Ya'll!!!

I'm trying to do better about posting!!

Here's my precious big big boy!!! I swear, he's about to be a teenager already! I think I'm all emotional this time around bc I know he's going to be our last.

He is CONSTANTLY pulling up and trying to stand. I walk into a room and find him like this all the time, I usually grab the camera!! I really think he's doing this early. I mean early for me....Jordan didn't pull up on stuff till almost 9 months old. Then she walked a month later. If he walks next month I'm gonna die.

Oh, excuse my messy house. It's just my life. Let's be real here. ha!

He loves this table! We had it from Jordan and Jordan has loved getting to play on it too, she sings along with the ABC's and it's quite humorous!

And my girl....with pizza on her face...just keepin' in real for ya'll!! Isn't she beautiful! I love her so much. More and more every day. How is that possible?

He always tries to stand up from a sitting position. He just wants up and he wants up NOW. He's so funny. He has finally learned he must crawl to something to pull up on.

They love each other!!

I love his legs in this picture, he's very limber and will twist his little body in whatever way he needs to do get where he wants to go!

I have 8.5 days of work left. Not that I'm counting or anything, ha! I'm really looking forward to it, but as the day approaches I get more emotional about leaving. It's bitter sweet.
We're enjoying the weather here, working on projects around the house. We have a list about a mile long of things to get done this summer. First up is the porch...we opened it up tonight and it looks so much better!! We just have so much more room. The pool is up and we are ready for back porchin' time! BJ's summer classes are in full swing. He's got one already going on and another that starts in July.

We're planning a short getaway here in a couple weeks, nothing spectacular, but going to enjoy a couple nights away in Branson...should be fun.

UM...nothing else is really going on. I'm just wrapping up my cases and getting ready for some time off. Jordan is still doing gymnastics and loving it. We're all just doing great!

Hope you all are all well!!


Nancy M. said...

He's so handsome! He's gotten so big! They look so happy in the picture together. So sweet!

Jessica said...

I'll see you on Saturday! I'm not sure how long we can stay, but definitely long enough to visit! : ) David said he should be able to tell pretty quickly if the post is a support post or not. Hayden is so funny in those pictures! He looks so determined! : )

Lori S said...

He looks more and more like you I think. They are both adorable. I miss seeing your smiling face. We need to get out and take more pictures of Erin this summer...I can't have anyone do them but you now. Glad things are going so well. See you soon, hopefully. Lori

the Pulleys said...

Well, I'm not sure how it's possible to love our children more and more each day either...
but I agree and have accomplished it as well!
The Lord gives them such a sweet sense of humor as a child. And WOW those smiles!

Great pictures recently by-the-way. Love, love, LOVE Hayden's cheeks! And to answer your previous question...yes! Jordan certainly IS just beautiful! : )