Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

So I've decided my life is too boring for a blog.

There is nothing going on with us. I will have some very exciting news to share next week, but I can't say much more than that just yet.

Hayden is teething, and is having a much harder time with it than J did...so he's been pretty puney the last few days. He has one that has come thru but he's working on some more.

He's crawling everywhere and chewing on everything he can get his hands on. He still loves his sister and is very tolerant of her love, as evidenced by the photos below.

Jordan is doing good too and spending most of her afternoons fishing with Grandpa. She caught another BIG fish today, bigger than the first one....this one pulled the pole out of her hands and Grandpa had to step in...I hope to get some pics from Grandma later tonight or tomorrow. She LOVES to fish. I can't wait to take her camping and fishing this summer. We're planning to go in a few weeks.

BJ wrapped up his semester as a student and did very well...he has this summer and the Fall left at NWACC and will start at the UofA in the Spring. The end is near...the end is near! He still has a few weeks left of school for his job, and will enjoy a little bit of a break this summer, which he is really looking forward to.

I have been HORRIBLE about taking photos lately of my own children. I hope to do better soon...I am planning a real shoot with them next week and so that'll be good, they're both due for one. Especially Hayden.

We had some water damage to Jordan and Hayden's carpet a couple weeks ago and so the insurance is going to pay for new carpet in their rooms and we're having our room done at the same time...and have our lamanate flooring picked out for the rest of the house. The carpet will be installed next month and the lamanate will hopefully be installed by the end of the summer. I'm really excited and can't wait for it all to be done!

These photos were taken the other morning so J had not been up long, so she's not dressed and her hair is, well her hair. She is literally all over this boy...usually in a very nice and sweet way. I love that they love each other!

I hope everyone is doing great and has a wonderful hump day!!!


Emily said...

They are so cute! Sibling love!

Jessica said...

I can't wait for you to announce your "news"! I'm so happy for you! God loves you! : )

Suzette said...

Okay, now that's just a tease. I cna't wait to hear the exciting news..

Cute cute pics!

Linda said...

I know what you mean about having nothing to blog about. My posts are few and far between. Love the pics of the kiddos. Have a great weekend.