Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shaving Cream Fun!!

So, after J's bath tonight she wanted to play in the cream! I let her play with a tiny bit in her baths, but not too much because it gets the water all cloudy and yucky. Anyway, before we put her PJ's on I let her "paint" in the cream....she loved it.

I remember doing this as a kid in school....on our desks and I always loved it. She kept wanting to put it on her body and I kept having to remind her not to. I don't know how many times I saw her hold her hands up to her face and then catch herself...she is so sweet!!!

her curls always look best after a bath....I wish they'd stay like this!

She was doing her "mean"


The Keylors said...

how fun! Have you tried mop top products for curly hair (or fuzzy duck for children. I am using mop top and I really like it. It's all natural too. :)

Jessica said...

Her mean face is pretty sweet if you ask me!

The Treeces said...

Love the sweet "mean" face! :-)

aneisa said...

great idea for some fun pictures!

Kelly said...

I think it is sad we don't do this in school anymore, it was one of my favorite things as well!!