Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have I mentioned I hate titles?

He is getting sooo big!!! It seems like time is going by much faster with Hayden than it did with Jordan. I can't even believe he's 6 month's old. Half way to one year....WOW! I am loving the stage he is at right now, he's so fun and inquisitive. He is a really relaxed baby and almost never cries of fusses. He LOVES to be on the floor...I think that's why he's already trying to crawl. Jordan didn't really care to be in the floor and she didn't crawl til she was 8.5 months old and even then, it wasn't her preferred method of transportation!

Sweet boy!!!

Look at that tongue-y smile! Love it!

I've said before how thankful I am that Jordan loves Hayden and has always been really good with him and it just gets more evident every day how sweet they are together. When I'm getting ready for work in the morning if they're both awake, they usually are playing together somewhere. Here they're in J's room on the floor reading....

She LOVES to read to him. About every morning, if she's awake when I go into get Hayden, she asks to get into the crib with him....and I let her. It's too precious not too. They lay there and she talks to him or reads to's really the most precious thing I've ever seen. I know I'm biased and all but still! She loves her brother!!!

(note the paci in the crib....which he still will not take...but we try from time to time when he wakes up at night to eat...when really I think he just wants to suck, but he won't have it!!!)

She really loves to read him "the sister book" as she calls it!

So Jordan has been in gymnastics for about a month now and she is LOVING it!! I need to take the good camera and get some better pictures, but I always forget it...class is early on Saturday mornings and I'm doing good to get there! ha! But I had the point and shoot with me one day and got a few, not so great ones. But you get the idea.....

Bars are her FAVORITE! I can totally see her on the bars years from now...

We're going to try to enjoy a weekend at home...although it seems we're rarely at home these days. The weather is B-E-A-UTIFIL and we are really enjoying it!! J plays outside almost exclusively these days. That 20.00 swing set is getting a lot of attention!! Best 20.00 I ever spent!!!! ha!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to enjoy some of this beautiful Spring weather!


Jessica said...

Yay for another new post!! I am in love with the crib pictures!!! Invite us out to watch J one night this summer at gymnastics.. Would to love to go with you!

Tasha said...

OMG they are so cute!!! That is so sweet that she is reading to him!!!