Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Hero

Craig passed away this morning just before 10am. On a day when we are celebrating the birth of Christ, Jesus took a great man home to be with Him.

I know death is never convienent for the ones left behind, but I imagine that on Christmas Day it would be especially hard to lose someone you love so much.

Fortunately Craig went home peacefully, in his sleep without pain. This is a huge blessing, because in the past few days, he had been in a lot of pain and had not been doing well at all.

Please continue to pray for Karis, and Craigs family. I know they would appreciate it so much. Thank you again for all your support.


Pegsy said...

Oh Brandy, I'm so sorry... I have tears in my eyes for this precious family. They will be in my prayers and thoughts. May God give you peace and wisdom as you minister to them. Hugs.

Jessica said...

My heart is so sad for this family, but I know we should really be rejoicing. Craig is living in peace now with his savior! What a wonderful thing!

The Treeces said...

My heart hurts for Karis and her family. Please if you have her address email it to me.

Meredith said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of such a special man. My prayers are with their family.