Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Book" Review

My friend, Becca, whose blog is private or I would link to her, told me about this. You can sign up to be a Book Review Blogger. You sign up, chose a free book, they ship it to you, you read it, and write a review on your blog and on a merchant website, like They you go and tell them you wrote the reviews and pick a new book!

Free books people!!

So this is my first one. I didn't actually chose a "book" this time. I chose a dramatic audio bible. It's called Word of Promise Next Generation - New Testament: Dramatized Audio Bible (Word of Promise). It's got a young cast that features stars like Andrew Lawrence, Emily Osment (Hannah Montana), Corbin Bleu (HSM), Jordin Sparks, and more. This is great for young teens! I plan on giving it to my 12 year old brother for Christmas. The cast is great and it makes listening to the bible fun!
Basically I think it's a genius way to get younger kids interested in the Word. I mean, it's got their favorite celebs acting out the bible. Plus there is a behind the scenes DVD included with interviews with the cast--so they get to see them talk about God in their own lives. Pretty neat, because unlike other dramatic versions of the bible this one is CURRENT and aimed at young teens! I also think it is something that kids could listen to with their parents, because I think adults would enjoy it as well!
So if you have a young teen in your life this Christmas and want to get him or her something fun and meaningful, this would be a great option! You can get it from Amazon here.

I think my brother will really like it, but if not, I sure did!
So, now I'm off to pick my next book!!


Meredith said...

How cool! I'm going to check out that site. Love the modern twist on the audio Bible. Great gift.

davidcatherinewilson said...

Thanks for sharing that site! I'll have to keep that book in mind- surely Zac Efron will make it cool, right?

Suzette said...

Oh how exciting. I am definitely signing up! Thanks for passing along! :)

Nancy M. said...

Thanks for sharing this! I signed up and should be getting my first book soon!

Suzette said...

Okay, so I'm stoked, I got my first book today, but I also got a sheet that looked like an invoice. I didn't read the fine print I guess, but it is free right? haha