Monday, November 24, 2008

A Whole Lot O Pictures!

Hayden is changing everyday! Isn't this hat adorbale?! It came with a matching outfit from my friend Jessica, but it's still a tad big. But the hat is freaking adorable!

This isn't the greatest picture of it, but see that ADORABLE minky dots taggie blanket Hayden is laying on?! My bff Ashley made it and I am IN LOVE with it !!

I know I keep saying this, but the girl really loves her Hayden. She just wants to be alllllllll over him! It's cute when it's not annoying... ;-)

He is getting so big!

Jordan has started to pick him up like we do...with close supervision...

I don't know if you an see it, but she has a burp cloth on her chest, she sees us pick one up before we pick him up and she was imitating this...adorable!

My bff Ashley also made this AUH-DORABLE pillowcase dress for Miss J. Seriously, have you seen anything more precious?! She wore this to church yesturday so I HAD to take a few shots!! She was hamming it up!

I went to my gal pal Jessica's house yesturday to take some newborn pictures of her precious Harbor. It was such a blast to chat it up with her and David and so fun holding her cuddly boy! Here's a couple of my favorite pictures!

So, we're all doing great. We have family in town and are busy visiting and I'm busy with 5 photo shoots this week, but we're all doing great. Hayden is perfect and Jordan is having fun playing with her cousins!

I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and gets to spend time with those you love!

(we're also putting up our Christmas tree and decor this week!! yay!!)


Kim said...

Oh my goodness! You have the most beautiful babies ever!! I love that dress Ash made for Jordan. It is adorable!! I am so excited to be coming to AR for Thanksgiving!! I am planning a trip to see Harbor. Maybe if you have some free time on Saturday you can meet us at Jessica's house. I would love to meet Hayden and Jordan. Did you get your package that I sent? I got the email that it was sent, but I wanted to make sure it arrived ok.

Jessica said...

Ashley is so talented!! I adore the dress she made. Hayden looks like he has some red in his hair! CUTE!!!

The Treeces said...

What beautiful children you have!!!

Pegsy said...

I always love seeing pictures of your kiddos! I love Jordan's dress! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Karen Barnes said...

What a sweet dress that Ashley made for Miss J. And little Hayden is already changing just from the last time I saw him. Your children are so cute. You & B.J make beautiful babies, ha!!! Glad you are enjoying your loved ones, Best wishes.

Linda said...

Great pictures! The dress is adorable and so are your kids. You did a great job on baby Harbor's photos as well. The dress is so pretty. I can't sew at all! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.