Sunday, November 02, 2008

Prayer Requests

My heart is heavy tonight. I've gotten a couple pieces of bad news in the past few days. I would ask that you all add the following to your P-lists if you have them.

1--A dear dear dear friend and co-worker of mine found out on Wednesday that her new husband of a year and half has cancer. A pretty bad cancer. He is starting chemo on this coming Wednesday. They are still waiting to hear if it is treatable. Should find out tomorrow. They are older than me, but still young and she has 2 sons from a previous marriage. This has been very hard on their family, understandably so. He is a very healthy man, a police officer and a marathon runner. It really came out of nowhere. They found it during a Pre-Op CT Scan for a hernia he has. Ironically, it probably would have gone unnoticed for long to come if not for the hernia. Please pray--that 1--the cancer is lymphoma, I understand this is the treatable kind. 2--for my friend and her family for strength and courage during this time.

2---I got news this morning that an old friend of mine, a minister, and the man who led my mission trip to the Phillippines a few years ago was in a car wreck with his wife and 3 month old son. He and his son are okay, but his wife went to be with the Lord this morning. Please pray for this family in this time of incredible loss.

We all hear bad things all the time, but for some reason these two things have really hit me pretty hard--especially my close friend at work. I've cried a lot of tears for my friend, and I can't imagine how hard it will be for Scott to raise his son who never knew his mother.

I know I haven't posted much lately. I've just been soaking up the newborn-ness of Hayden. I'll be back to it soon. Hope everyone has a great week this week!


Christy said...

I heard about Jill and Scott yesterday breaks my heart! I can't imagine what he is going through right now. Praying for them, and for your co-worker too.

Adan Dominguez said...

Please tell her they are in my thoughts.

Jessica said...

So sorry to hear news like this. Praying God would pour out His peace and comfort.

the Pulleys said...

Just shared these w/ Patrick as well. We will certainly remember both of these requests as well as your newly enlarged family in our prayers. 2 unimaginable events that could unfortunately happen to any of us...yet still absolutely not fair it seems. I hope that she truly knew the Lord and is in HIS presence now.
Enjoy lil' man now that he's HOME! YEA! : )

Kelli said...

Sorry to hear news like this. I don't know who either family is, but I'll definitely be praying for them.