Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Photos

Just gorgeous Fall photos of my girl....there's a lot...but it's worth it, I promise!!

*A few things:

1-I made those brown bows with the polka dots. It is my first attempt at making hairbows. They are FAR from perfect, but I threw them together just as we walked out the door to take these pictures. I think they turned out OK. I plan to spend more time learning and hopefully I'll be able to make her hairbows instead of buying them from people all the time. I feel like I'm constantly in need of a certain color of bow....and without it. This way I can make the exact bows I want.

2-Jordan is seriously going to be a great stunter in cheerleading. She can do some crazy stuff in the air with her daddy, a picture just doesn't do this justice. She can do a one handed lib, if you know what that is...she's pretty talented up there. Of course, her daddy has been working with her since she could hold herself up.

3-I went to the doctor Friday and because of my elevated Blood Pressure, I am having to do a 24hour urine collection (TMI, I know, but I'm private now, so ha!) that started this morning and will run through tomorrow morning, when I will return the urine to the lab and have it tested and my blood drawn. I only had a trace of protein in my urine on Friday, so I guess they want more to test, and if it's above a certain level, we'll talk about moving the surgery when I don't know. I suppose it could be as early as tomorrow depending on the levels and how concerned she is.

So, I'm a little anxious about that.....but we'll see. Most of me thinks it'll be fine and I go all the way to the 6th. But I would rather have him early and avoid getting the magnesium that I had to have with Jordan because of my high BP. So, I don't know. I will know something tomorrow, hopefully.

Um, and that's about it.

Check out Foshe Fotos Blog for my latest shoots....

Hopefully I'll update tomorrow. Of course if they admit me, I'll be stuck there without Wi-Fi, which I just can't understand. It really annoys me. Anyway. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend. I'll be here, peeing in a jug all day ;-)


Kim said...

Those pictures are beautiful!! I never realized how much she looks like her daddy until I saw some of those pictures! I will be praying for you, but I am sure everything will be just fine. I am so excited to see him!!

Jessica said...

I'll keep the bloggy world updated on your status! : ) Just give me the word and i'll be your wi-fi girl! : )