Monday, October 27, 2008

Doing Good...

So, we're still here, all doing well.

I had my x-ray this morning and NO SPONGE or other surgical equipment. The doctor just had a weird feeling that she couldn't shake and wanted to be sure--which, hey, I'm totally all about! Better safe than sorry!

So, that's when I got up for the first time, this morning on my way to X-ray. I have to say, this time it was CAKE compared to getting up the first time with J. I had no problems and once I was up, I have pretty well stayed up. As soon as I got back from X-Ray I went to see Hayden in the nursery. He was sleepy and snuggly. So cute. We tried to feed, but he was too tired and not interested at all! So we visited for a bit and then came back to the room and ate breakfast. A few visitors came by and we took them in to see Hayden one by one.

The doctor told us mid morning that his labs weren't where they wanted them just yet but that they were better. They are keeping him on antibiotics one more night and he should come off completely tomorrow and be able to be in the room with us.

I went in again around noon to feed again and had better luck and the lactation consultant person was there too. It wasn't what we'd call a successfull feeding, but it was an improvement and it went a lot better than the first couple of attempts.

I went back again around 3pm and he was again too sleepy to care about eating. Around 4pm, Jordan got to go with us to see Hayden, and I tried to feed again. It took him a bit, but at about 445 he started chowing and didn't stop until 530. He took a 10 minute break in there, but that was just me trying to figure out if he was done or not. He did great that time around!

I tried to breast feed with Jordan and did for about 2 weeks. I think I was just nervous and didn't give it enough time. I don't think my mature milk had even come all the way in yet. I got nervous she wasn't getting enough and just switched to formula. I am trying hard to do better this time and be more patient with it.

Here's some pics from Jordan's visit with him tonight. They aren't the best quality, because they were taken with the point and shoot, but still cute, none the less.

His little stint is to keep his IV in his arm...


Kim said...

Those pictures are so precious! I did not breastfeed with Koy, but I did Dagan for 8 months. It is difficult at the beginning, but once you get going it is much easier. Good luck!

Nicole M Wood said...

Ahh I love the picture of her holding him. I am glad that you didn't have anything left inside of you.

Brittney said...

I breastfed Brooklynn and it saved so much money. Most people just talk about the health benefits, but the amount of money it saves is ridiculous! I know pumping can be difficult (I worked full time while I was bfing), but it's worth it!

Jordan looks too cute in the little hospital outfit. I can tell they're going to look alike!

The Hickman's said...

Girl, I just read your blog!!!! Congratulations- he is PRECIOUS! He is not a funny, old man looking baby boy like Zayde was. =) He is just perfect. I can't wait to see him!

the Pulleys said...

Wow girl! What a few days you guys have had! My favorite pic is the last of big sister holding him. And, "yes"...the video up above worked for me. : )
We're praying for you and for lil' man. Glad to hear that he might be discharged tomorrow! Very exciting! Hang in there & take care of yourself. He's beautiful Brandy!


Nancy M. said...

I love the pictures of her with her little brother. They are so precious!