Saturday, August 02, 2008

From the Camera Phone...

This was some time ago.... she was about 13-14 months old.

This was last night! The girl likes her some corn on the cob!!!

I wish I was that girl who took her camera EVERYWHERE, but I am not. I forget and I think that I worry about people thinking I'm crazy breaking it out at the dinner table in a restaurant. So, mobile pictures have to work sometimes....


Staci said...

Corn on the cob always makes for some great pictures! How cute is she :)

The Holloway Family said...

Ok, this is just adorable! Brooklynn loves corn on the cob, but she won't let me cut it off. She HAS to bite it off herself, but once she starts she asks me if SHE can cut it!

Everyone that's seen our pictures loves them. I'm trying to throw some business your way (as long as you're not too busy for it!)

Kim said... I'm hungry for some corn.

I am one of those that carry the camera just about everywhere. I do get some crazy looks but I'm so happy when I do remember it because those are the photos that end up being the best.

I too have used my cell phone to take pictures when I do forget the camera.

Now off to add corn to my grocery list.