Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pregnancy Insomnia

***I've added a poll to the left. It's anonymous and you can pick more than one. Also, leave name suggestions in the comments if you have some that are not listed. We are really at a loss and CANNOT decide!!!

Thank you all for your bedding opinions. I will likely go with number 1 or 4 due to the polka dots and stripes. I was never really that crazy about number 3 and I was drawn to number 2 because it was different, but hey, who wants to be different! We wanna be cute here!!

I haven't shopped for fabric yet, but I think I'm going to stick with brightish colors for Jordan's room and I'm excited to try my hand at making some things. BJ thinks I won't follow through, which is fair, because I say stuff like "I want to make so and so" all the time, and never do. But this time, it's really out of neccessity, because I can't find what I want already made.

Obviously if you know me, you know I don't craft. I don't scrapbook, except digitally on occasion, I don't sew, I don't bake, and I'm overall not very creative. But for the sake of my children, I will try. :-)

Okay, so for the last several nights I have not been sleeping well or that much. For the first couple nights I attributed it to me napping during the day for extended times. This usually doesn't bother me and usually more sleep begets more sleep for me. I love to sleep and I adore naps.

At any rate. 2 days in a row I took a 2 hour nap and was up until around 3am that night, unable to sleep and not tired at all. Yesturday I went on about 5 hours of sleep (about four short of my normal nights sleep). I did not nap at all yesturday and was still up till probably 1am not tired and unable to sleep.

I was laying here last night and told BJ that I thought I had "pregnancy insomnia" which I totally made up, or thought so. He laughed at me and told me there was no such thing. I said "I bet there is." Thinking there probably really was, but I'd not read about it or anything.

So after I finally went to sleep sometime after or around 1am, I woke at 545am this morning wide awake, hungry, and unable to go back to sleep. So here I am on the internet. I decide to google "pregnancy insomnia." I got 5,120,000 matches.

I'd say there is such a thing.

The first result was the Baby Center. Apparently, 78% of women have insomnia during pregnancy. "They" chalk it up to being uncomfortable, having to pee, being anxious about the baby, back pain, heartburn, leg cramps, etc...

I have been having leg cramps lately as well. It didn't occur to me that this could be pregnancy related until I read this. I told BJ the other night as my legs were cramping that I needed to get some more banana's. Heartburn is also a huge problem for me, but pepcid usually does the trick. (preggers, u can take that, it will be your friend!)

Pregnancy is such a weird thing. Anyway, before reading the vast amount of information out there about "pregnancy insomnia" I had attributed my not sleeping to the fact that "the boy" which is what we are probably going to call him forever since we can't name him, MOVES CONSTANTLY and especially at night.

He moves so much, all the time. And they aren't dainty girly movements either, these are swift and hard movements--which leaves me wondering how the next 17 weeks are going to go. The bigger he gets the harder his movements will be.

It's really amazing how different he is to Jordan. Jordan moved alot but not even close to how much he moves. And her movements were slight and dainty like.

My doctor said that sometimes the 2nd moves more because they have more room because you're uterus stretches easier and faster the 2nd time. Which makes sense. I love that he moves alot, most of the time. It assures me that everything thing is going ok in there. I think sometimes I don't sleep because I lay there wanting to feel him, and at the same time, wishing he'd settle down.

Why I can't stay asleep is another story. Why I woke at 545am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep---beyond me! Because he's not moving now.

At any rate, I hope the insomnia thing goes away soon--although I feel it will only get worse as he grows more and more. I already feel huge and cumbersome--although I still haven't gained a single pound, which is so good and yet so perplexing to me. I know I have a lot of weight to lend to him, but it still seems like I would have gained by now.

I'm not complaining, it's just werid. Between month 5-6 with Jordan (where I am right now) I gained 10lbs--and hadn't gained anything prior. So I've been trying to watch it lately, but at the same time I have been eating a lot because I'm starving all the time.

I know I'm rambling now so I better stop before you all decide to stop reading my blog.

Here's the boy at 23 weeks. I go back next Thursday for another ultra sound and the lovely glucose test. yum.

He weighs over a pound and is about a foot long!


Kim said...

Ugh..I hate the glucose test!! By the way I love the name Parker!! And I don't care how much you ramble I will always read your blog! I love you!!!

Becca said...

I had tons of trouble sleeping the 2nd time too, none the first. Not sure if it's the 2nd, a boy, or what!

JF said...

I've always like Grant. Jeremy wouldn't go for it, which is why we have a Luke. I'm sorry you are not sleeping. I had a body pillow and that really helped me. If you don't have one, you should try it.


Jamie said...

Sorry to hear that you have not been sleeping!

Yuck! I am not a fan of the glucose test.

Jessica said...

Ramble away.. I live for your updates! You have so many great names to choose from! Boy names are hard, aren't they? I have had lots of calf cramping. It is the pits. : )

Mandy said...

I had trouble sleeping with Tayson too!! I constantly had leg cramps! I hope it gets better soon!