Monday, July 28, 2008

My life is not blog worthy.

So yah....blogging material is light these days. Is it the weather? Is it because I'm getting fat, uncomfortable and it's too hot to do anything but sit on my butt? Or is it that my life is just that boring. I think it might be a combination of things.

I find I don't like to blog when I don't have any pictures to blog. What? No pictures to blog. That's right. I haven't taken many in the last week. It's too hot. When you're pregnant, add 10 degrees, or 20 if you feel like it.

There are some exciting things going on at the Foshe house. 1--Jordan is sleeping in her "big girl bed" completely and doing SOO well with it!! We had a toddler bed given to us and we put it in her room a few weeks ago (along with her crib). We just left it in there and let her get used to it being there. She would get in it and play around like she was sleeping, but when it was time to sleep didn't want any part of it.

We didn't push it, we wanted it to come on her terms. We left it in there and each night she'd lay in it for a few mintues and then when it was time for mom or dad to leave them room, she'd want in her crib.

Well, we went camping. And I guess that's all it took. The first night back from camping, we were all so tired, I didn't even let her "play" sleep in the toddler bed, she just went straight to the crib. The second night, last Monday (the 21st), we decided to try it out and see how she did again. This time, it took. She was ready!

By Wednesday we felt confident enough to take the crib down and she's been in her toddler bed full time since! She does so great with it. The first few nights she woke up and tried to come out of her room or did come out, but she would go right back and lay down. Now, we hear her wake up, get up and she goes back down without us going in there.

I thought with her being able to get up herself, she'd get up earlier, but she really hasn't. She's still sleeping till around 8 or 8:30. So, all in all, it has been a VERY easy transition....I was worried, so much so I didn't really even want to try. lol. But, I'm glad we did, she was ready and it has been great!

2--BJ goes back to school (work) next week. He is excited and ready. I'm glad he likes what he does. I'll be really glad when he's teaching for real!

3--The boy is growing nicely, apparently he's a big boy. I'm measuring ahead, but not enough to change my due date at this point. We scheduled the C-section, right now, for Nov. 7th.

We still have not decided on a name!!

Thank you for participating in the poll. Cooper Jack is my pick as well, but BJ is not so down with it. So, right now we are arguing over Hayden and Parker. Both I like, but Parker I like better.....Parker Owen. Hayden Parker is BJ's pick and I like it ok, so it may be that he will be a Hayden. We'll see. I'm not ready to give up on Cooper just yet ;-)

I had my monthly doctor's appointment and 3rd ultra sound last Thursday. Everything is just fine, he's a bit big, but nothing that was concerning to the doctor. I had my glucose test, but haven't heard the results...not that I'm worried, I was ok with Jordan, so i think I'm fine with him.

I did some major maternity clothes shopping with some birthday money I received! And man, was it needed!! I am to that point....I still haven't gained any noteable weight, maybe 3lbs or so, but my belly is getting really big and even my clothes that were still fitting are now....not.

So since I have no cute Jordan pictures to post today, I thought I'd share with you my purchases.

And that's all folks. Nothing exciting to report. Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Kim said...

I love maternity clothes!! They are so comfy! Ugh..I hate the glucose test. With my first one I was fine, but with my second one I had the gest. diabetes. YUCK!!! I am glad everything is going well.

davidcatherinewilson said...

My Birthday is Nov. 7! Great day to have a baby :) I love your pics of the R wedding-good job!

Jessica said...

Ahh! Very cute maternity clothes!! BTW.. I love Owen as a middle name!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on the transition to big girl bed, those were always trying times for us but sounds like she did great. I love the maternity clothes.
Have a great day.

the Pulleys said...

Okay...those shirts are ADORABLE! Love both the blue ones...& the red one too! : ) Maternity clothes are so much fun in my opinion.
Congrats on the big girl bed too...hope our transition goes that well some day too! What a big girl!
DEFINITELY agreeing w/ you on "Cooper Jack"! I've always loved Cooper too, so I think this ones the cutest of all. However, his pick is adorable too. Hard choice!

Staci said...

Very cute clothes!! Hey, if you're bored, come over and enter my giveaway :)

Nancy M. said...

It's always nice to be able to put some pics in your blog. We didn't pick out my last son's name until about 6 weeks before he was born. I measured big with him too and had gestational diabetes. Good luck!

Meredith said...

I LOVE the red polka dot! Cute finds.