Friday, May 09, 2008

Photography Blog

I think I'm going to try to have a separate blog for my photography. I haven't posted yet, but link on over if you want.

What do you all think about having a separate blog? Will you go there to see my photography? Would you rather it all be on one? Am I too boring that you don't care about either blog? Come on here, I need feedback people! ;-)


Jessica said...

I'd like it on one blog, but it would just be easier for me. You do what is easiest for you! : ) I saw on Facebook you weren't feeling well. Sorry! : (

Magevney said...

Hey girl! Happy Mother's Day. I love reading this blog, but honestly, I probably wouldn't check out a separate photo blog. You know you are loved either way. :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer you keep it all in one, but like others have said that is just because it would be easier for me. I love absolutly love the new design. I am really into browns right now and I like it.
karen blackstone