Monday, May 05, 2008

Miss E--part two

Okay! I think I'm finally through all 171 of them and here is the second round of the "preview." I am absolutely IN LOVE with this first one! I couldn't bare to try it in black & white or sepia, because the color is just so gorgeous! Her eyes just sparkle!!!

This is her America's Next Top Model pose!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Wow, wow, wow!! You did awesome! I can't wait for Zayde's shoot! (Where did you go that has the waterfall and bridge?)


Hello. I am new to the blog world, my friend Mandy is one of your friends and she told me to check you out...I love your pictures, i am into photography as well but am not that good. :)
She also told me that you help setup her beautiful page for her. I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction. :) Visit me anytime at

Staci said...

Awesome pics Brandy!!


Hey Brandy!
Thanks for the compliment about my family, i am pretty proud of them. :)

I would love for you to do a page for me...I have a paypal account so just tell me what to do and we can get this going. :)

Jennifer said...

Great job!

Jessica said...

Were you at James at the Mill? My fav is the one of her lying down with her head on the grass. : )