Thursday, March 13, 2008

Throwback Thursday

I know, I'm a little late. This morning when I would have normally posted, I thought it was Friday, man was I disappointed when I got to work and it was Thursday!

At any rate, a late, but dutiful Throwback Thursday for my faithful fans! All 3 of you!

Ever heard of BARN SWINGING? It's a BLAST!!! I think we were at Doennig Sports Swings in Missiouri. I googled them and can't find a website for them, but they have lots of stuff, like paintball, hayrides, bon fires, etc... It's really fun. I went a couple of times when I was in high school with my church's youth group. My best friend's dad was my youth minister and he always took us fun places to do fun things!! There's also some man-made ski resort thing in Missouri that we went to, which was really fun. I'm still looking for those pictures...but anyway

It's literally a big barn. There's all these differen't swings and platforms, and you sit on this rope, no board, no seat, just a rope, and you swing around. The goal is to swing ALL THE WAY around and land back on the platform.

Let's just say, I don't think I ever made it back around. It's so much fun, I wish I was better at describing it, but really, it's a blast!! Here's some pictures from my vault. I don't know what year these were taken, but I think somewhere close to my senior year? Not certain though.

Okay, onto the photos! They may kill me...but here we go!!!

This is Ashley's dad...

If you were REALLY brave, you could go doubles. Here's me & Ashley, with me not being so brave, I'm jumping ship!!!

and here' I'm making sure I'm waaay out of the way!!!

and here's Ashley!
here's her mom!
here's me!
me again! Doesn't it look FUN!

Ashley again!

here's Ashley on the learning swing--she'll really kill me for this one!

her mom getting the lesson

Okay--so there you go--if you've been barnswinging--I'd love to know! I wonder how many people have been or heard of it?!


Kelly said...

Hey, I cut the papers using the cookie cutter tool with a stamp shape. I haven't learned how to cut letters out of paper yet but that is the next lesson in my book so I will share once I have it down myself :P

Kelly said...

It's a photoshop elements tool. I have really enjoyed learning how to use my program. It is quite fun.

ashleydiggs said...

In case you didn't know, Barnswings burned down a couple of years ago. And yes, I was hanging from my FOOT. Gosh, gotta kick a poor girl while she's down!

Kelly said...

You should have the same tool in Photoshop cause you can do more than I can with your program. Cause elements is a paired down version of Photoshop. And I am excited about getting a new blog design! I will have to think about what I want now. Thanks so Much :)

Christy said...

I went barnswinging once, at a little place in Branson with my cousin. It was FUN!!

Mandy said...

I have never heard of it, but it looks like something that would be fun!!!

Jessica said...

I remember you doing that! What fun!

Leah said...

Girl, we used to go barn swingin' all the time w/my church from college. So fun...but that one big swing outside scared me A LOT!!!

Momma said...

Well, I certainly remember having fun doing that...and remember some boys screamed like little girls on the big swing where you had to go first! Thanks for sharing that time with us!