Friday, January 04, 2008

How people find my blog--

Ok, so if someone searches google and clicks on my blog from that search, BlogPatrol tells me that someone visited my blog by searching "x." I get various hits on my blog from random google searches. Some make me laugh out loud. I wanted to share.

The number ONE keyword that people google and find my blog is---FUNNY FOTO--and other variations of it. I get at least 3-5 hits per day from someone who googled "funny foto."

Next in line is my friend Jessica McCash, who I would link to here but blogger sucks and that doesn't work right now. She always was more popular than me ;) and now people find me by searching her name. I get about 1 hit per day from someone who searches her name.

Okay, onto the funny ones----Someone actually found my blog by googling the following phrases. Are you ready?

1. braces family blog head gear
2. guitar hero numb finger
3. guitar hero numb fingers
4. guitar hero game + bj's (I don't even want to know!)
5. martha's protoge
6. West Fork Cafe
7. homemade dresses
8. yummmm
9. True hollywood story pink
10. and last but not least... fanny fotos of love (which I really hope was a typo).


ashleydiggs said...

Seriously I'm rolling on the floor! Ever think about changing the name of your photography business?!

Jessica said...

Fanny photos??? OMG!! LAUGHING so hard!!! That is a riot. You need to come back over here and show me how to see all that on my blogpatrol! I am like a moron, I think! :)

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

That is great! I have blog patrol, but the only time I've ever looked at it was when Jessica first set it up! I may have to check it out now...

Kimberly said...

What is blog patrol and how do I get it? that is hillarious and so interesting! I use to have sitemeter but lost it when I changed my page.

Ashley Hester said... do make it where google lets you know that they are searching you?

Leigh said...

Here by way of Jessica...Glad I came Brandy. Will often now!