Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For Lucy...

My sister in law, Lucy, is serving in the Navy and is currently in Iraq. She has been gone for several months and has a few more yet to go. My brother in law and the kids came in for Christmas this week and it was painfully obvious what was missing....Lucy.

Lucy, we really missed you! We hope that you are doing well and I'm sorry I'm so awful about sending you things. I have things I've been meaning to send, but just haven' excuses though!

Lucy gave her husband Brad a beautiful gift for Christmas and he opened in in front of all of us on Christmas Morning. I don't know the specific details, and I only heard parts of the card, because I was crying and trying to keep it under control. But, she had a flag flown over the base, I believe, in honor of Brad for his part in this war. His wife is gone to Iraq and he is home with their two children, ages 2 and 9. It's a huge sacrifice that they are both making. Lucy would not be able to do what she is doing without the support and love from Brad. Do you see why I was frighting hysterical tears?!

At any rate, Brad is always telling me how much Lucy enjoys the photos that I post on my blog so I took the opportunity to photograph her beautiful children to post for her to see.

I took more pictures of Brandon, simply because he loves to have his pictures taken!

Lucy, these are for you! We miss you and are so proud of you!

kissing cousins!

Papa and Brandon--best buds!

Papa & the great-grand babies!

Beautiful Elizabeth

The three grandkids!
SUCH a cutie!!

Pretty Pretty...


Jessica said...

Elizabeth is stunning! What a beauty! : )

Totally understand about tomorrow. So sorry Jordan is not feeling well. I hate that for her. Take care of that baby, and we will get together soon!

Love you!

Grandma Foshe said...

This is for you Lucy. The kids are beautiful and wonderful. The only thing reason Christmas wasn't perfect this year is because you weren't here. All the family here in Arkansas is SO PROUD of you. You are such a brave, wonderful person and we love you. See you soon. "Mom" Karen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brandy for sharing Lucy, her children and definently her husbands story with us. It is because of them - Lucy and family and the other brave men and women who serve our country that we have not had another terroistic attack on human soil since 911. As a military brat (my dad served 29 years in the navy) I know how hard it can be, but at the same time I can say the seperation is worth it, noted and appreciated greatly! Thank you thank you thank you for bringing my heart back to a perspective of thankfulness. I give my honor Lucy, her husband and children. With much Love, karen blackstone

Tony said...

Dang all of you. Now I don't cry often, you know mostly funerals and well that's about it. Anyway Christmas morning was a sad one when Brad read the letter. The one time I have ever cried at Christmas. Now I don't cry when I read things but I cried when I read your post and the comments. I don't talk to Lucy that much when she's here but it's just not the same. She is a great wife, mother, and person. Lucy your kids are just wonderful and your husband is just as wonderful. I can't thank you enough for everything you do for Brad, the kids, and our Country. And now that I have stopped crying take care and can't wait to see you.