Tuesday, December 11, 2007

E! True Hollywood Story

I feel the need to preface this by saying that I am not writing this to hurt anyone. My mother is not and was not a bad person. She has just made some bad choices, as we all have. It has been years in the making, but my mother and I finally have a decent relationship. This story I write, is only my account of my life. It is in no way intended to hurt anyone. With that being said. Here's part 2.

My great-grandmother had lived with us in the house on Montgomery. Her room always smelled. You know the smell, that “old lady” smell. The combination of her geriatric perfume and the food she has hidden in every nook and cranny in her bedroom. As if we rationed her food or something. I loved her room though. I would go in there for hours and listen to her stories. She told the best stories.

I remember the house on Montgomery feeling big. It only had three bedrooms and my sister and I shared a room. We had a cool room. My mom let us paint it black with pink spatters. She painted the walls black and then we stood in the middle of the room with hot pink paint on our paint brushes and we twirled in circles, covering the walls with pink swirls and splatters. I was around 8 years old; nothing could have been cooler at the time. I have several great childhood memories. My memories are sporadic though, only remembering certain things here and there. I have often wondered if everyone’s were or if it were just mine.

The house had a huge living area and a good sized kitchen and eating area. Off from the eating area was a sliding glass door out to the large backyard. Just inside the living area was 20 lb fish tank that sat on a table, just big enough to hold the tank. We always had lots of pets. We had dogs, cats, fish, and birds. I think we had a rabbit or a guinea pig at one time as well.

I have two vivid and separate memories of my mother punching her fist through both the fish tank and the sliding glass door. Because not only was my mom a lesbian, but she was also an angry drunk.

It would be years before I could separate the two.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

We also had a room that we splatter painted. It was white with slatters of pink, green and blue paint. We used toothbrushes to slatter paint. How funny- I wonder how many people did that!?

I admire you for telling your story!

caseyfaye93 said...

i hope you know just how amazing you are...i'll be sure to remind you now and again...oh, and i love the title!

Ashley Hester said...

Wow! MORE!

Jessica said...

I remember when you lived off of N. Hunter and had lots of animals. Birds, I think. I always thought you having animals was so fun b/c I never really had pets like that growing up. Part III!!!!