Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catching Up...



We had 3 different sets of plans for tonight and aren't doing any of them. You see, that is what happens when you have a child---they decide for you what you'll be doing. For the last 6 days Jordan has been sick with various ailments. First, on Monday she was getting a cold/sinus/allergy infection.

See, this is how those go---she gets a runny nose and a cough that Benadryl or Clairton can't touch--then the runny nose and overall wetness in her head breads an infection---so everything goes green--I'll spare you too much detail, but you get the idea. Then, the infectious drainage moves to her ears--and causes an ear infection. She got her tubes back in August and we have been fortunate not to have had an ear infection since that time.

That is until Wednesday when ear infection numero 1 set in. And that is after 3 days of a 5 day antibiotic that we got on Monday to try to head it off. So, her ear was draining, something we hadn't experienced before, but the ENT doc said it could happen and we had a prescription for such an occasion. A FIFTY DOLLAR prescription of the TINIEST bottle of ear drops. We're talkin' tiny here people, 7.5ml to be exact. So we began the ear drops in her left ear---and it started to get better and stopped draining.

Thursday night she barely slept at all, BJ and I took turns holding her because that is the only way she would sleep, albeit restlessly. Early Friday morning, around 5am, we noticed her other ear was draining--her right ear. So we began the drops in that ear. Keep in mind, an ear infection is painful--and so the fussiness is at an all time high at this point. Tylenol Codeine isn't even helping.

So we digress. She is able to nap some during the day Friday and we think she is feeling better, despite the fever she ran all day--even with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Friday night, she is wanting to eat, which we're elated about so I give her some hot dog pieces and some fruit--a meal she's eaten a million times. About 3 bites in, she threw up---then got a bath. She seemed fine despite throwing up, her fever was gone and she was playing almost like her usual self. She slept all night last night. Today, she's been pretty good, still has a runny nose and cough, but no fever and nothing else that we can see is bothering her. BUT since she has been so sick we didn't want to rush out and on with our plans, so we're at home, hoping she's getting over everything completely.

With all that being said--I've really not posted much lately. So I wanted to post some Christmas pictures, while it was still the week of Christmas and it was still bloggily accepted to do so. :-)

I hope I don't bore you to tears.

We had our Christmas party at work on Friday, the 21st--see I told you I was behind. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I work with the BEST group of people!!! Here are some shots from our fun--we exchanged names for gift giving, which worked out so well!

Casey & Kim

Me & Abra Yummy Goodness compliments of our Susie!

Jess & Abra setting up
Our Spread...

The only reason to have Holiday parties....
Kim opening her gift from Susie!
Betcha can't guess what that is!
Karen opening her gifts from Kim!

Melody got Tina's name
Melody opening her swanky frame from Karen!
Diane got Casey some "Casey earrings."

Tina got Sue a whole table setting of Christmas dishes! Sue was elated!!

Abra got Diane some Yoga gear!
I got Jessica an array of goodies--here's a couple.

Karis got Melanie, an avid animal lover, the perfect gifts!

Melanie got Abra!

Jess got me a BEAUTIFUL red scarf and an awesome photo wheel!
Casey made this beautiful scarf for Karis...
And got her some swanky new home decor for her new house!!

And here we all are posing for a group photo! I must say, we're a good lookin' bunch!

Okay, so don't say I didn't warn you about the long post. I'm really letting you off the hook, I planned to include all of our family Christmas photos in this post as well. However, after this long post, I need a break, and I know you do too. So, check back for photos of our family Christmas.

And really, what do you think that thing is that Sue got for Kim? If you were there, don't spoil it for those who weren't!! ;-)


Jessica said...


1. Diane is SOOO gorgeous!!
2. Casey has the best color ever! What a pretty tan!
3. Is that blue thingy a belt?
4. Love the peti-fors! Yummy with a mouthwatering "Y"!!

Love and miss you!

RachelM said...

Thanks for commenting! I love meeting new people!
Your daughter is gorgeous! I hate that she's so sounds awful. I might mention tubes to the doctor when we go back in for our check-up just to see what he says.
Your blog is so much fun to read! I'm thrilled to have another one!!
I hope Jordan starts to feel better soon, she is in our prayers!
By the way, are those Rick's petit-fors?? My absolute fave!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh I know I know what Sue gave to Kim, but I won't tell so that others can guess. By the way the party was fun. I pray Jordan not only feels better but is healed completely! See you after next week. love,karen blackstone

The Holloway Family said...

I agree with Jess about Casey--I'm completely jealous of her tan!!! Diane reminds me of the lady that was on "Age of Love", the "cougar" that was the prettiest one. I think it's some kind of belly dancing contraption.....

Thank you for your comment--you're too sweet. I was just thinking that I need a haircut because it's not behaving well. I'm so glad Jordan is doing better. Poor baby!!!

Leah said...

Hope Jordan is feeling better soon!!!

Were those petit-fors (pedifiles as my husband calls them!)from Ricks????? One of my favs!!! YUMMY!!! Also, the cookies with the Hugs and Kisses-another favorite!

Where do you work? Looks like a fun group with lots of goodies to eat!

Jessica said...

How about Thursday night?