Friday, November 16, 2007

Another thing about me...

I worked from home today. I had a lot of typing to do and my home internet server is light speeds ahead of what the state is willing to shell out for internet service at my office. So, when I have no appointments and a lot of typing to catch up on, sometimes I will plant myself at my home desk with the TV on and type my heart away. That is what I did today. It was a productive day.

When BJ got home, he comes in and sits down and this is what went down:

BJ: Why are you wearing clothes?
Brandy: What?!
BJ: I mean real clothes.
Brandy: What?
BJ: I just thought since you were at home you'd be lounging.

You see, if I am at home, I am in what I call my "lounge" clothes or my "house" clothes. Just comfortable clothes. Cotton pants, oversized t shirts, or lately, sweats and oversized sweatshirts and warm socks! The first thing I do when I come home from work is hug Jordan if she is home and the 2nd thing I do is change my clothes!!! I love to be comfortable!

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Jessica said...

BJ is so funny! Doesn't every husband come home and want to know why his wife is wearing clothes? : ) He, he, he!