Friday, October 26, 2007

Ole for Jose!

We went to dinner tonight with Ashley, Will & Gracie. We went to Jose's. We walk in, all four of us, and two babies. Here's what went down:

Hostess: How many?
Brandy: 4 and 2 high chairs
Hostess (in a I don't really want to be at work, you are bothering me sort of way): think you can all fit at a booth?
All of us, in unison: Uh, no.
Hostess (thinking and looking highly puzzled, pausing, then): want like.......a table then?
Will: Yah, by process of elimination
All of us, in unison: laughter
Hostess: I don't think you'll fit at one of our tables either.
(as if we are some large mass of people or something)
Hostess (in that same, you are bothering me voice): I guess I could put you at one of our BIGGER tables.
(well, now THAT is a novel idea).

And then we sat and had a great dinner, while the two cutest babies ever entertained us!


Jessica said...

Oh Lord... That gal was a few veggies short of a V8, hu? : )

ashleydiggs said...

few veggies short of a V8, one fry short of a happy meal, the lost crayon of the box, few nuts short of a brownie....geez I could go on all night! But it was hilarious and we had a great time!!!

ashleydiggs said...
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Anonymous said...

How funny. By any chance this person was blonde??? I can ask that by the way since I an blonde myself and have those moments of my elevator not going all the way to the top. :+)
karen b.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I really need to edit before clicking on publish. My comment should read "since I am". :+)
karen b.