Thursday, September 06, 2007

Throwback Thursday--Western Edition!

We had horses when I was younger. I loved having horses. We rode in the rodeo parade and probably other functions, but the rodeo is the only thing I remember. We moved to town when I was still pretty young and we didn't have a place for them, so we got rid of them, but it was a blast while it lasted! My mom is on her horse here, his name was Walk-A-Way. My pony had a name, but for the life of me, I can't recall, it was something like 'midnight' or 'starlight', because it was black and it had a white diamond on it's head in between it's eyes, which is hard to see in this picture, but it was there. Anyway, I was a little cowgirl :-)

Modeling my hat!

BJ is also modeling his coyboy hat!

And....probably the most Western thing of all, Square Dancing!! BJ danced his whole life growing up, and when he got too old to dance, he became a caller. He has called every year since he was not eligible to dance (which is after you graduate high school). He always calls at least one group, usually he has 2 or 3. This year, he took a break, but he missed it terribly and I feel sure he'll call again next year. I can't wait until Jordan is old enough to square dance!


Jessica said...

How sweet is that! I had no idea BJ square danced. Neith David or I ever did. It was no popular up North where we grew up. How fun for Jordan someday!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Adorable pictures!! I am going to start Throwback Thursday, too. :)

Kelly said...

My parents were big into square dancing and my dad used to be a caller. It is a dying art sadly enough.

Brandy said...

Not in Prairie's going strong! LOL