Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ode to Jessica

I am no writer, but an Ode I will try
To Jessica, who I’ve known since Senior High
Now, Blogging is a love we both share
Friends for years, yes it IS rare
She’s smart and crafty, blonde and cute
But when it comes to graphics, her knowledge is en route
She’s the friend you want to chat with at 2 a.m.
For talking with her is like finding a Precious Gem


Jessica said...


Bahahaha!!! How cute! You are right- I can craft anything, but I am a dingleberry on the computer! You will ever remain my Ruby, and I will be your Pearl! : )

kara said...

ok, weird, we just posted on jessica's site within minutes of each other.:) how's jordan doing on the walking (and the tubes)? harbin is starting to pull up on stuff and is crawling everywhere.