Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guitar Hero

Ever played Guitar Hero for Playstation 2? My husband is officially addicted! We borrowed my 11 year old brother's playstation and his guitar hero game a little over a week ago and my husband has worked his way through the game in EASY, MEDIUM and is now attempting the HARD setting. It's actually a very fun game, if you don't mine numb fingers and a sore forearm, oh and blisters on your thumb. I like it on easy, for a minute, but after a while, not so much. BJ is really good at it and it makes me want to get him a real guitar and not one you push green, red, yellow, blue and orange buttons on. We'll see. I bought him a violin a couple of years ago and it's been in the closet for about that long. He's actually very musical, he played baritone in high school and despite what he tells you, he can sing. He can also play a little piano. Me, on the other hand. Nothing. Can't carry a tune on any instrument or with my voice. I wish I could. I love music, but it's not one of my gifts. I hope Jordan is musical. I'm going to do what I can to help that along. I'm thinking about when Jordan gets old enough, enrolling her in Kindermusik. I hope she enjoys music. She "dances" when music is on and I say "Jordan, dance!" It's funny, she just kind of bounces up and down. Anyway, this has been a seemingly pointless post.

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Kelly said...

Kindermusik is awesome. I have actually thought about getting certified to teach it myself but I have to come up with $400 dollars and a semesters worth of time to do it. I think you would both love it!