Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Page...and other junk

I've been inspired by all of my blogging friends who have updated their pages, and I've followed suit! I like my new page, much better!!

Nothing new is going on here. Just the same o same o. I've been lazy about posting my food journals, but I'm still on track, for the most part, had some worse days than others, but overall, still doing good.

Jordan is clapping and waving now. It's so cute! I've decided she is not going to crawl, she's trying to walk instead. She could crawl, if she wanted to, I believe she is capable, she can twist and scoot anywhere she wants, but she just doesn't want to crawl. She will scoot over to something and pull up on it, but never crawl an inch! So funny!! My mom says I did't crawl and walked at around 9-10 months, so I suppose she could do that. Who knows.

She's 8 months on Saturday. Hard to believe! It's pretty insane how fast time flies by, and how much fun it gets! She's also giving kisses, which is freaking adorable if I do say so!

BJ's counting down the days for school (his job) to be out! He has one more week, he's as anxious as the kids are, I'm sure! Our plans for this summer are not much. We are taking some mini trips in July for our "vacation." We are planning to go to Tulsa and visit the zoo with some friends and our children. We will probably spend some time camping out and swimming! Summer is pretty much here, it was in the 80's today!!

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Dave and Jess said...

Love, love the new page! We are such blogging nerds! : ) Okay- I have no idea where you got this page layout! I clicked on customize and just saw the basic, generic layouts. Where did you find this?