Saturday, May 19, 2007

Food Journal

Friday May 18th

diet green tea 0pts
special K blueberry bar 2pts
Lean Cuisine Panini 7pts
14 toasted wheat thins 3pts
sugar free pudding 1pt
3:30 Snack
special K meal bar (chocolate) 4pts
5:30 snack
Popcorn 1pt
pickle 0pts
After work drinks with friends
4 Midori Sour's 16 pts
Dinner (aka munching at home)
11 french fries
1 piece of pizza
15 baked lays 2pts
2 pieces of turkey .5pts
TOTAL: 44 points

I had already used 7.5 of my flex points on Monday, so I had 27.5 remaining.
On this day I used 14 of my flex points, and so now I have 13.5 flex points remaining.

As of this morning, I've lost 6lbs! WHOO HOOO!!!
If I loose 2 more lbs, I drop to 28 points a day!

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