Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Food Journal

Today was hard. I had a smaller breakfast than normal and I was STUCK in interviews from 10am until 2pm and did not get to eat lunch at my normal 11am. I was starving by 2pm, but did manage not to over eat.

Special K Bar 2pts

Lean Cuisine pizza 8pts
15 baked lays 2pts
sugar free pudding 1pt

5:30 Really wanting dinner, but not somwhere I could eat, Snack
Special K bar 2pts
100 calorie oreo chips 2pts

Sandwich 3pts
(1pt for bread, 1pt for turkey and 1pt for cheese, mustard free)
Salad 3pts
(1pt for cheese, 1pt for toppings, 1pt for dressing.)
sweet tea 2pts

100 calorie reeses pack 2pts

Total: 25 points.

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