Monday, April 02, 2007

Jordan is 6 MONTHS old!

Wow, today, Jordan is 6 months old! I can't even believe it, but half a year has already passed. In-sane. I can't even imagine how the next 17 1/2 are going to fly by, lol. She is doing so many things now. She's becoming mobile! Slowly, but surely. She can spin her little body in any direction she wants! It's so funny to watch. She reaches so purposeful, she can ALMOST hold her own bottle. She rolls over constantly, walks a little in her walker, talks up a storm and is starting to have a little separation anxiety. I can't leave the room anymore. She fusses if I walk out of her sight. It's flattering, but can be hard. I used to be able to go check on dinner or laundry and she would just keep playing, not a care in the world. Not anymore, she notices when we are not in her sight! Just that time I guess. Anyway, here's a picture, just because I can :)

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Jessica McCash said...

Are you taking these shots and using your new software? I love the logo! Is this a licensed thing, or just for fun?