Monday, March 05, 2007


So if you know us, you know that BJ is an avid bowler. He has been bowling since he was four years old. His whole family are bowlers. His mom, dad and brother all bowl on a league. BJ bowls with his dad and brother and his mom bowls on a women's league. I bowled with his mom last year, but I am just not a bowler. I like it for recreation, but competively, it's just not for me...mainly because I am not very good! :-) We go to Springfield, MO every year on the first weekend of March for the Greater Ozarks Open, a bowling tournament. It has a large prize pot. To date BJ and his team have not won any substaintial amount of money, but it's a lot of fun anyway! We also get to visit our friends Scott and Magevney while we're there, they live in Springfield and are currently in Seminary School. We had a blast getting to see them! Anyway Jordan did excellent on her first road and overnight trip! I was worried, but being the perfect baby that she is, she was perfect! :)

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Jessica McCash said...

Fun! Isn't it nice to get out of Arkansas for awhile? We love it!