Saturday, January 06, 2007

Slushies & Weight Watchers

I love Slushies…not just any slushies, but a homemade slushie. Like partially frozen kool-aid or diet mountain dew….yummmy!! Mostly I like the kool-aid ones. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like a kid again, I don’t know. But I am about to give them up, or at least limit my intake of them. I am starting Weight Watchers next week. Dieting has never been something I have been interested in. I’ve really never tried a “diet.” Oh trust me, I’ve been unhappy with my weight but have never been motivated to change the way I eat. I love to eat, I love food….good food. Unfortunately my metabolism is not what it needs to be for me to love food like I do. Lol. Anyway, I think that I can do weight watchers because I can eat what I want, in moderation and I have parameters (points) in which I have to eat within. I have seen people use this and it’s really fool proof if you follow it. So, I am going to go to an initial meeting and get the book and counter thing, and then I’m going to do it at home. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing.

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