Friday, August 18, 2006


See, I knew this blogging thing was a bad idea. My life is so uneventful I have nothing to write about, which is probably why I've never tried this blogging thing. Actually I tried about a year ago, but only made one posting. So, this makes 2, further than I've ever been before! Watch out! So by now, I'm sure you all know we're expecting a baby girl, Jordan McKaie in about 8 weeks. I'm 32 weeks along and wishing it were Oct. 13th today! Being pregnant in the middle of this smoldering summer is not so fun. But, I've been really fortunate. I have had no problems whatsoever with this pregnancy. I never had morning sickness and basically besides the large mass coming out from my belly area, no other pregnancy symptoms. I plan to work until I have her or until my due date, whichever comes first. I'll be off for 12-13 weeks, hopefully through the new year, if I don't have her too early. I've decided the middle of October is the ideal time to have a baby. You can be off through all the holiday's and not have to fight your co-workers for leave time, AND you get a one stop shop for family and friends to admire the new addition to your family. It's perfect!! I think I'll try to plan the rest of my kids for October as well! The draw back is the hot summer though. We are so excited for her to be here. The nursery is pretty much done. BJ painted it and it looks great. It's a sage green and we have dark wood furniture, cherry, but not a red cherry. It's beautiful! Of course there is and will be plenty of pink in that room! BJ starts school on Monday. He's going part time this fall so that he can work a little more since I'm gonna be out with the baby. Most of my time will be paid, but there might be a couple of weeks without pay. Anyway. Hopefully he will start work at Asbell Elementary as a kindergarten teacher's aide. He's been "unofficially" hired, but the administration has to approve him to start a few weeks before having completed the necessary exam. We should hear today if he's going to be able to start on Monday. He's still going to be working at the Boys & Girls Club doing after school care and instructional classes in the evenings and weekends. Well, it's Friday, thank goodness!! I gotta go get ready for work! Till next time...


Josh & Margo said...

How about some pictures of the nursery! Sounds cute.

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated! We are excited for you both.

David and Jessica